Kill the Fuhrer


Here is a story of supreme courage and stark terror – of two men’s bid to commit the perfect murder. Rear Admiral Wilhelm Canaris (Head of WW11 German Intelligence) and Count Claus von Stauffenberg (Military Officer and War Hero) were the two leading lights of the German conspiracy to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Theirs was the last of seventeen failed attempts to kill The Fuhrer and to rid the world of his evil. But Fate, and some would say – the support of a satanic force, was to work against them. It was a force that saved Hitler from certain death, while rewarding his would-be assassins with unspeakable suffering by way of public humiliation, torture and agonizing execution.

It was the David and Goliath saga of the twentieth century. Canaris and Stauffenberg, as the most patriotic of Germans, made the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their lives and reputations for the sake of their Country, knowing that they would go down in History as having betrayed it.