Golden Boy – The Albert Speer Story


In her second book to hit the market, Paula Astridge once again lifts the lid on what went on behind the scenes of the Third Reich. This time her focus is on Albert Speer and his unusual relationship with Adolf Hitler. Like a father, and perhaps far more, the Fuhrer singled Speer out as the not-so-brilliant young architect he was, and shot him up the ranks of the Reich to take on the powerful position as its Armaments and Munitions Minister.

How did Hitler know that Speer would prove exceptional in this job for which he had no experience? And just exactly how dear could Speer have been to Hitler to have him go out of his way to shield Speer from the horrors of the Holocaust and its accountability?
As such a senior member of the Third Reich, we all assumed Speer was guilty of war crimes, but then he said ‘sorry’… which turned him into one of the most enigmatic men
in history. No-one has ever proved conclusively whether he was a good or bad man.
No-one… until now!

Nothing is ever black and white, and the path he walked was very grey indeed.