Deep Sleep



A novel for the thousands of those who 

can’t get enough of “all things Titanic

The best part of my job is that it knows no bounds.  While the rest of the world pursues their frenetic globetrotting, I travel, at will, back in time to see and experience what’s infinitely more exciting.

Over the last ten years I’ve taken my readers to the bloodied battlegrounds of the American Civil War; I’ve run them through the rigours of both World Wars and put them  on the deck of the Bounty to witness the mutiny.  My last book flew them to the moon with Rocket Man, Wernher von Braun, so I thought it was time to take a wander around the Titanic.

DEEP SLEEP, however, is not just another about the famed ocean liner, but of the sturdy little steamship that went to its rescue – the SS Carpathia, and of the

SS Californian, condemned for having not.

The lives of those on the Titanic hinged on the tying of a shoelace and the taking of a nap — two tiny details that made all the difference and dictated the actions of those steamships’ respective captains —  Arthur Rostron and Stanley Lord. One rushed to save those drowning, while the other, to his life-long dishonour, appeared to turn his back on the whole disaster. But nothing is ever what it seems and some said the shame rested with those who accused Captain Lord unfairly in deliberate defiance of the facts.

It is an astounding story that gets right to the bottom of the Titanic and beyond. I’ve pieced together the careers of these two captains to uncover who was to blame, who was to benefit, and to what depths some were prepared to sink when it came to cover-ups, cowardice and courage.

It gives me immense pleasure to bring these phenomenal people from the past back to life – to talk one-on-one with Titanic’s Captain Smith and with the much maligned Chairman of the White Star Line, Bruce Ismay, who was perhaps unfairly branded a coward for escaping at the expense of women and children.

Ever since seeing the movie “A Night to Remember” as a child, I’ve felt compelled to follow through on the story.  I never got over the sight of the ship’s lights going out and of its mammoth black hull standing perpendicular to the sea before it sank. I always wondered what happened to those who survived and to the brave men who saved them.  Now, at last, I’ve had the chance to pay tribute to the truth, laying to rest the lies, along with the sacred bones of those at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

DEEP SLEEP is available from all good bookstores, online, or simply by pressing the BUY button right here on my website. Please do take this nostalgic voyage with me and let me know what you think.