About the author – Paula Astridge

Australian author, Paula Astridge, was born in 1958 in the country town of Inverell (NSW). She worked for Rolling Stone Magazine and the Newspaper Industry in Sydney before co-founding a successful Advertising Agency in North Sydney.  In 2001, she sold her shares in it, to pursue her writing career on a full-time basis.

“I always had a profound interest in Ancient History,” said Ms. Astridge, “Which made it all the more surprising that I felt compelled to write KILL THE FUHRER, and then to concentrate my efforts on The Second World War for a further two books about Albert Speer and Hermann Goering”

“In them, I challenge the world’s preconceived prejudices about infamous men who history has condemned. I believe that there are always two sides to every story, and I write mine from an intriguing angle that throws a whole new light on the question of my characters’ guilt.”

“Now making a concerted effort to move away from Hitler’s inner circle, I am in the process of turning back the clock to the American War of Independence to see what I can make of Benedict Arnold … to find out exactly what pushed him to betray his Country.  Did he have any justification? You’ll soon find out.  It is amazing what real research, untainted by public opinion, brings to light.”